Justin Bradshaw's Cycle America pictures for all to see.

These pictures were taken from August 6-20 while my dad and I were doing the last 2 weeks of Cycle America's 9 week cross country tour. We went from Niagra Falls, Ontario to Lake Placid, NY. And then from Lake Placid to Glouster, MA near Boston. We met many cool people along the way and saw many great views. Here are some of the highlights:

Steve, Kristi, and I in front of the Albion Middle School's sign welcoming us for the night. We spent most of our nights in the gym or on the lawn of a school, but Albion was the only one with a sign to welcome us. It should be noted that this was taken just minutes after a special trip to the grocery store to buy and devour DOVE bars and just before dinner. (hint: part of it is at the top)

Steve Lowy, Fred Bradshaw, and Justin Bradshaw posed in front of the SAG wagon
. We never had to use it, thankfully. Steve was the first rider my dad and I met in the Buffalo airport, and he quickly became our best friend on the trip, doing both weeks we did even though he'd only planned to do the first.

Justin and Hilarie Martin in front of some beautiful mountains in Vermont. At least I think it's Vermont. Hilarie became our riding buddy soon into the second week. Steve had a tough time keeping up, but was able to ride with Lenny (pictured on the ferry). We met Hilarie when she rode by us like we were standing still, causing the testosterone to catch up with her and strike up a conversation.

Justin and Fred in front of the same mountains
. He managed to keep up most of the time.

A whole bunch of folks on the ferry crossing Lake Champlain. In order: Steve, Me, Hilarie, ??, ??, Chicago Eileen, ??, ??, and Lenny.


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